Last spring as I was selling our home of 22 years, I hunted high and low to find a new place, with very little time. Two great deals fell apart on me. It was a huge disappointment, but my realtors said to have faith “the right home will show up just as I need it”. That’s hard to wrap your head around when the clock is ticking to closing date.

Indeed, a home did pop back in view, a beat up 99 year old gambrel in Ipswich MA. A house that I had previously ignored. On my first visit I knew this could be the one, and a few days later we had an agreement!

My kids, and friends were concerned, it seemed like a lot of work! I knew that the bones were good enough that it could be renovated and when done be something special. There were other compelling considerations which I’ll get into later. It was just the project I was looking for.

I immediately hired an architect, and we were deep into it within 3 weeks of the move in date. I thought I’d get a permit and start the project in August. But the permit wasn’t approved until late September.

I decided to hire an experienced local carpenter to do the framing and structural work, and am so glad I went that route as the structural work was pretty tricky and he had some great ideas. The major work, such as engineering, electrical, plumbing have to be done by licensed professionals, and there will be lots of other subcontractors, but the bulk of the work will be done by yours truly.

A while ago I started sending emails to my siblings keeping them posted about the renovation. I enjoyed crafting them so much that I decided to start this blog. I love keeping track of things, something I got from my Mother – she had a list for everything:)

I’ll provide some periodic updates, starting with recent work, and over a period of time posts covering how I got to today.

To whet your whistle, here are the photos that caught my attention on Zillow.